Chambersburg Ballet Theatre School

Performances of:

Sleeping Beauty

    Will be held LIVE at:

Memorial Park Bandshell:

Thursday, September 17th @ 6:00 pm
Friday, September 18th @ 6:00 pm

    The performances will be recorded (not live-streamed) with an option to purchase copies.

    All students must be CBT School students, registered for Fall Classes on our Jackrabbit site to participate in this event.

    To register visit:

    *I encourage families to visit the site before making a decision as to whether their student will participate in this event, using the information below as a guide. It is suggested that parents print this Update out, and take it along with them to Memorial Park when investigating the site.


    • All performers will be socially distanced and masked.

    • "Dancewear Solutions" ( carries the "Bloch B-Safe Adult Face Mask" in Black, Brown, Tan and White", (Product #A100A) and the "Bloch B-Safe Child Face Mask" in Black or Pink, (Product #A100C) for $5.95. These are dance masks, breathable and washable.) *NOTE: Masks should be as close to the dancer's skin tone as possible.

    • The youngest dancers (Tiny Christening Fairies and Christening Fairy Corps de Ballet), plus the Young Ladies of the Court, will dance on the lower of the two performing spaces, which is much larger than the Capitol Theatre's stage, allowing for up to 10 feet of social distancing.

    • The Christening Fairies, Lilac Fairy, Vision Fairies, Solo Fairies, Princes of Faraway Lands, Carabosse, Minions, Little Princess Aurora, Catalabutte, Ladies of the Court, Baby Aurora's Nursemaid, Aurora, and the Prince will dance on the upper level, with social distancing.

    Parent Volunteers will be crucial in producing this event:

    • The marley flooring (7 rolls) will be used for Dress Rehearsal and both Performances and must be rolled up after each of these (a total of 3 times).

    • Curtaining

    • Assist in moving large props, such as thrones and Carabosse's chariot.

    *If you can assist with any of the above, please email Ms. Lavinia @


    • Masking will be mandatory for audience members to attend this event.

    • The audience will be seated on the grassy slope facing the amphitheatre, and should bring lawn chairs.

    • The event must be free of charge due to Borough rules, however there will be tickets issued for each audience member. Per borough regulations, there is a limit of 250 people. However, the maximum number of audience members has yet to be determined by CBT School due to terms of social distancing, and may be less. Details of how to acquire tickets will be forthcoming.

    • Families may sit together in a "safe pod" (grouping).

    • All people who are not in a "safe pod" must be seated separately, and socially distanced by 6 feet at this event.